Commodities markets as in past so nowadays have a great impact on countries’ economies. This market has been providing its services through trading on agricultural products such as wheat, coffee, cacao and sugar and mined products such as gold and oil. Despite the poor history facts about the commodities exchange, there is a guess that 6.000 years ago China had been involved in trading rice. Raw materials used in manufacturing of commodities as well as close relations between suppliers are known as the factors influencing the commodities prices.

This trading tool with highly fluctuating prices may appear attractive for those who want to earn profit in a short period of time. At the same time because of a high volatility commodities refer to the class of high risk investment tools. Trading commodities is carried as on the standard markets so on the exchanges. 

Commodities prices change depending on the political, economic or periodical supply and demand. 

Commodities are traded in 4 categories:

● Energy ( crude petroleum, heating oil, natural gas and petrol)

● Metals (gold, silver, platinum and copper)

● Livestock ( Cattle and cattle breeding)

● Agricultural products ( maize, soybean, wheat, rice, cacao, coffee, cotton, sugar).

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